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The Three Sisters - Teaser Poster







I didn’t manage to get the Singapore Film Commission’s short film grant for this film – but I really want to make this short film. Hence, I’m trying something new called “crowd-funding.” I guess it’s a fancy new word for “asking for donations.” However, here’s the fun part for people who pledge money to fund my new short film: you get perks! Be it a signed DVD, poster, screening tickets or creative input – it’s time you get something back! The numbers will be updated daily.


Over an evening of Chinese Opera at the theatre, the peacemaker of three sisters (in their seniority), Poh Sim, must survive a night with them, coming to terms that she loves her sisters but they also drive her mad.

Perks? What perks?

BASIC – $10 Pledge (4 Backers)
Immense gratitude and appreciation
Credit on the website (here!)

DVD – $25 Pledge (17 Backers)
All of the above + Signed DVD of the film

POSTER – $50 Pledge (21 Backers)
All of the above + Thank you credit on film + Signed one-sheet poster (final poster may differ from above teaser)
The opportunity to appear in the film!

PREMIERE  – $100 Pledge (12 Backers)
We know the pledge amounts are getting larger. You will have the opportunity to read the script before pledging $100 and above. We want you to know what you’re in for. You will also get all of the above + 2 tickets to the premiere cast and crew screening.

CREATIVE INPUT – $250 Pledge (5 Backers)
All of the above + Be part of the test audience for the first cut of the film. Tell us what worked for you and what didn’t.

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER – $500 Pledge (5 Backers)
All of the above + Invite to visit filming on set + A prop souvenir from the set

By the way, you need not have a PayPal account to pledge! Simply look for the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” link on the left.

Need more information?

Want to find out who are the people involved in the film? The green initiatives the production will practise? Go to the Three Sisters page for detailed information. Want to see who has pledged to make this film? Go to the List of Backers.


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