It Never Rains on National Day

High-flyer Captain Naresh joins Warrant Ong in the National Day Parade’s Weather Committee to make sure it does not rain on August 9th. But on the first day of the job, things are not quite what they seem.

Watch now on

2022 – 14th Film 4 Fun Festival
2022 – Houston Comedy Film Festival
2023 – Dam Short Film Festival
2023 – 24 Risas por Segundo, Comedy Film Festival

Main Cast
Daniel Tan YN as 2WO Ong
Shrey Bhargava as Captain Naresh
Christopher Yong as Someone
Awad Salim Ramli as Encik Rahman
Karen Tan Bee Lin as Film Producer

Director & Writer: Leon Cheo
Producers: Adrian Ho, Leon Cheo
Cinematographer: Looi Wanping
Production Designer: Javeus Toh
Costume Designer: Shaf Amis’aabudin
Editor: Christopher Datugan
Composer: Teo Wei Yong
Sound Editor: Grace Wong

Tech Details
Country: Singapore
Year: 2021
Duration: 17 min
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Shooting Format: UHD

Production Stills


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