Acronym City


In a city obsessed with efficiency, Singaporeans are known to use acronyms for everything, stringing two to three in a sentence. From CPF, PIE to KNNBCCB, “Acronym City” explores Singapore’s need for shortcuts.

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“The film succeeds in the eliciting the ludicrous nature of this national obsession.”
Jeremy Sing, SINdie

2011 – 2nd Singapore Short Film Awards (Out of Competition)
2010 – Pune International Students’ Film Festival (In Competition)

Kirpal Singh, Kenneth Paul Tan

Directors: Leon Cheo, Deborah Chia, Alvin Lim, Missy Laney
Editors: Leon Cheo, Missy Laney, Janice Low

Country: Singapore
Year: 2010
Duration: 9 min 30 sec
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Shooting Format: HD
Screening Formats: ProRes, DVD

Production Stills
Stills Photographer: Leon Cheo


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